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I help people with a variety of unwanted habits who would like to stop but find that they can’t. It is thought that the unconscious mind is responsible for 80% of what we do, which is why it is difficult to overcome such habits with willpower alone. But it’s also why hypnotherapy is extremely effective.

In my experience unwanted habits can be a symptom of another issue, so I would work with you to explore the triggers that cause this behaviour and help you develop ways to handle stress, anxiety or boredom more positively.

The habits I address most are nail biting, skin picking, hair pulling and eye lash pulling (trichotillomania). Some people do these without realising, while others feel that the urge is uncontrollable. These habits can get worse at times of stress, tiredness, hunger or boredom.

Hair pulling or nail biting can feel pleasurable due to a release of dopamine in the brain. The habit can be an unconscious way to escape from feelings that are hard to process. It can also create a ‘zoned out’ feeling of comfort and relaxation. Afterwards however people can feel guilty, ashamed, disappointed or annoyed, and this far outweighs the earlier positive feeling. People sometimes try to hide or disguise their habits and/or the physical consequences (such as hair loss or sore skin) due to embarrassment. By the time they seek help, the habit may be strongly ingrained and the problem seems difficult to resolve.

There’s hope! Hypnotherapy is a very successful way of understanding why we do things. It helps us adopt more positive habits, making it easier to let go of unwanted ones. One change usually leads to another; once people overcome something that has bothered them for a long time they feel more confident and empowered about creating change in other areas of their lives.

If you feel ready to take control of unwanted habits, drop me a line to see how I can help take the first step.


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"My advice to anyone who is feeling severe anxiety of any description and struggles to sleep is to seek help early on. Cognitive Hypnotherapy worked for me and I truly believe it will have a long lasting positive effect on my life."
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