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Stress Management

Stress is a big part of our lives, but it’s not the stress that’s harmful: it’s how we deal with it. I can teach you practical techniques that can help you improve how you manage stress as well as explore the cause of your stress.

With stress management you can learn ways to reduce the impact stress has on your life and feel more in control. This is normally an important step in removing the barriers on your life, giving you energy and opening up a future of possibilities.


Read how I have helped people manage their stress:

Anxiety and Stress
Thanks again for your help which has really been invaluable . Although things were bad at the end of last year for me I think they would have been a lot worse for a lot longer if I hadn’t had the sessions with you. I do feel I’ve managed to fundamentally change some of my attitudes that have helped me to be a less anxious person since the work we did, and I’m very grateful for that!
Ian, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Anxiety and Stress
I’ve actually been feeling loads better the last month or so. I think have strangely changed my look on things to being a lot more positive. Its been a big help talking things through with you. 

I offer a free consultation to give you time to explain your issue in more depth, to discuss how I can help and agree on a way of working together. The consultation usually lasts around 1 hour and is an opportunity to ask questions and decide if you would like to work together.

Contact me on 07841 132 993 or email me at:

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"My advice to anyone who is feeling severe anxiety of any description and struggles to sleep is to seek help early on. Cognitive Hypnotherapy worked for me and I truly believe it will have a long lasting positive effect on my life."
M, 35, Accounts Manager
"You have helped my deal with my anxiety, in a positive way by putting things in to perspective, focusing on the positive things in my life and helping me believe in myself. Thank you."
S, Teacher, Staffordshire  
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